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Maintenance Rule Optimization

Quality Assurance Optimization

10 CFR 50.59 Evaluations

Developing Test Procedures

Technical Procedure Writing

Risk Management

Hazard Investigations

HELB Program Evaluation & Reconstitution

Safety Consulting

Turbine Maintenance Consulting

Valve Maintenance Consulting


Third Party Technical Reviews

Technical Training

Thermal Performance Training

Operator Training

Staff Augmentation

Modification Package Development & Support

Main Steam Turbine Controls Expertise

Thermal Performance Program Enhancement

Feedwater Heater Evaluations

Feedwater Heater Purchase Specification



Equipment Out of Service Evaluations

Turbine Cycle Heat Balance

Piping Design & Analysis

Tube Vibration Analysis

Component Analysis

BOP Component Margin Review

Steam Jet Air Ejector Analysis

Condenser Performance Evaluations

Condenser In-Leakage Identification & Minimization 

Cooling Tower Performance Evaluation

Root Cause Analysis

Transient & Steady State Analysis

Best Estimate Power Monitor

Lost Megawatt Recovery Investigations

Cycle Efficiency

Design Optimization

Pump & Valve Sizing

HP & LP Turbine Rotor Retrofits

Safety Related Analysis

Stress Analysis

High Energy Line Break Analysis

Power Uprate

P&ID Development

Isometric Drawing Development

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)



Turbine Testing

Turbine Replacement & Retrofit Warranty Testing (ASME PTC6)

Moisture Separator Testing for MSR Upgrades & Replacements (ASME PTC 12.4)

Condenser Performance Testing          (ASME PTC 12.2)

Heat Exchanger Testing for Closed Feedwater Heaters (ASME PTC 12.1)

Test Uncertainty (ASME PTC 19.1)

Water Cooling Testing (ASME PTC 23)

Heat Rate Testing

Microwave NDE Testing

Dielectric Materials Testing

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