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Since 1999 ILD has been the authority on off-critical path small steam turbine overspeed testing. The ILD turbine testing devices have been used in nuclear power stations across the United States as well as Europe and Japan. Our equipment allows the overspeed testing to be completed without steam or air, off critical path, during operation or unit shutdowns. The ILD Terry Turbine Overspeed Device (TTOD) and its operating methods are acknowledged by EPRI/NMAC in their current Terry Turbine Maintenance Guides. ILD’s systems are suitable for overspeed testing of turbines associated with Reactor Core Isolation Cooling (RCIC), Auxiliary Feedwater (AFW) and Emergency Feedwater (EFW) systems, and High Pressure Coolant Injection (HPCI) systems. Our equipment temporarily couples to the existing turbine coupling through an enclosed transfer case. ILD has decades of experience testing with the following turbines: Terry GS-1, GS-2, ZS-4, CS, CCS, Worthington, Elliott, and others. Our equipment can also be used for post-installation testing for digital control upgrades (such as the Woodward 505), and testing of feed pump turbines.

Custom turbine testing equipment can be designed for your specific applications. Contact Us

Key Features and Benefits of the ILD Turbine Testing Devices:

  • Consistent, repeatable overspeed trip tests

  • Fast, temporary set-up with no permanent mounting required

  • Testing and adjustments can occur off critical path

  • Soft start and stop of the turbine, with controlled acceleration and deceleration

  • Reduces radiological exposure due to using live steam

  • Avoids costs and hazards associated with routing steam from a rental aux boiler

  • Fewer people and departments required

  • Saves safety system unavailability time

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