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ILD maintains staff that are consistently implementing novel approaches to solve the myriad problems encountered in the nuclear power industry.  We regularly participate in international conferences and develop presentations and papers that further advance the nuclear power perspective.


The following have been published by the ILD staff.  The full publications are available through ASME.

ICONE14-89543Use of a Best Estimate Power Monitoring Tool to Maximize Power Plant Generation

ICONE15-10069:  Mech. Over-speed Testing of Nuclear Safety Related Turbines without Driving Steam

ICONE16-48187:  Thermal Cycle Evaluation for Feedwater Heater Out of Service Condition

ICONE17-75602: A Modern Approach to Condition-Based Maintenance of Reinforced Rubber
Cooling System Expansion Joints Utilizing a Microwave Non-destructive Inspection Method

ICONE17-75743:  Simplified Approach to Establishing Bounding Main Steam Piping
Support Load Increase Due to Reactor Power Uprate

ICONE17-75742: Microwave Based NDE Inspection of HDPE Pipe Welds

PVP2006-ICPVT11-93795: Innovative Technique for Inspection of Polyethylene Piping Base Material and Welds and Non-metallic Repair

ICONE18-30261: An Analytical Method for Modeling Two Phase Gravity-Driven Drainage Systems in BOP Applications

ICONE20-POWER2012-54189: A Method for Incorporating Thermal Performance Characterization Tools with Real-Time and Historic Plant Data

ICONE20-POWER2012-55242: Use of FEA Software in Diagnosing Valve Performance Degradation

ICONE20-Power2012-54027: Improving Nuclear Power Plant's Operational Efficiencies in the USA

ICONE24-60890: Use of FEA Software in Evaluating Pump Vibration and Potential Remedial Actions to Abate Resonance in Industrial Pump/Motor Combinations

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